AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

AARP offers Medicare supplement plans under the insurance carrier of United Healthcare. While the name is very popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean that AARP will be your best choice for a plan. AARP Medicare supplement Plans in 2018 are standardized. This means that they have the exact same coverage in each plan letter as any other company.

So in many cases, it really comes down to price. Why pay more for a supplement plan just because of a company name? The answer is, you shouldn’t.

Plans Offered – No Plan G?

The most popular AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 are Plans F and N. You might be wondering where Plan G is. Well unfortunately, it’s not offered by AARP. This is unfortunate for those who don’t want to pay the co-payments of Plan N and are driven to the much higher priced Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Plan G can likely save you hundreds of dollars per year over Plan F, simply by paying the once-per-year annual Part B deductible yourself first. To see exactly how much of a difference it is you’ll need to compare rates for both Plan F and Plan G using our quote engine.

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Another Reason to Shop All the Companies – Plan G Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars!

There is only one small difference between Medicare Supplement Plan F, and Plan G. That is, who pays the annual Part B deductible each year. With Plan F, the plan pays this deductible for you using all the extra money you’re paying the company each month in higher premiums.

Plan G is identical to Plan F, however you must simply pay this deductible of $183(once per year) yourself. By using our website to compare rates you’ll likely see that Plan F in your area is far more expensive than $183 per year. So you’ll actually be paying more than $183 per year, to receive a benefit worth….$183! Why waste your money?

The Safest Way to Shop for a Supplement Plan

Comparing all of the plans and companies along with AARP Medicare supplement plans for 2018 will ensure that you get to view all of your options. Don’t just jump at the company with a well-known name before doing your homework. Our site makes it extremely easy for you to view rates from the top carriers and compare before you make a decision.

Looking at the Most Popular Plans

While Plan F is the most popular plan because it pays 100 percent of the gaps in Medicare, as discussed above it’s also the most expensive and in many cases just not worth the extra cost. However if you’re the type of person who never wants to get a medical bill regardless of the cost, then Plan F is likely your best option.

As stated, Medicare Supplement Plan G offers nearly identical coverage for usually a great savings. Historically Plan G has also had lower rate increases over Plan F. And because companies usually have a rate increase once-per-year that makes it even more attractive.

You may not need the full coverage that Plan G provides, so Plan N could actually be a great money saver while still offering you ample coverage. Most people do not need to have every possible expense covered, but others find that full coverage to be comforting and simple.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is like Plan G, except you might incur some co-payments after meeting the Part B deductible each year. If you visit the emergency room on Plan N and you don’t get admitted, you’ll need to pay a $50 co-pay. As well, Plan N doesn’t cover Part B excess charges.

How to Choose a Plan

Now that you’ve learned that every company has identical benefits within each plan letter, be sure to shop the rates from the top carriers to compare costs.

While AARP Medicare supplement plans in 2018 are very popular, you should find and compare the best prices from other insurance companies. by using our FREE, No-obligation quote system. We make it easy for you!

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