Best Medicare Supplement Insurance

You might have heard that there is one Medicare supplement plan that is better

than any other, but that’s not really true. Each plan has its own benefits. You

won’t know which will be the best Medicare supplement insurance for you just

by looking at the plan. You also have to take your budget and your health into



You Determine the Best Plan


The best plan is not determined by the amount of coverage it offers but by how

much it benefits you. Sure a full-coverage plan may be convenient, but you don’t

really need anything quite so robust if your health is in good shape.


People with poor health will need more coverage, because their medical bills

will be more extensive. But you shouldn’t automatically spring for the highest-
coverage plan if you are having some financial difficulties. There are other plans

that offer similar coverage to full-coverage plans but at a far reduced price. Let’s

look at some of them.


High Coverage Plans


Some of the best supplemental insurance plans are the ones that offer up the

most coverage. These aren’t suitable for everyone, but for those who need them,

they are a great way to lower costs and reduce stress and worry.


Plan F, for example, will cover all your medical expenses that Medicare is not

taking care of. This includes expenses such as foreign medical care, nursing home

care, pints of blood and all deductibles and co-payments.


Plan G offers a little less coverage, but usually at a lower price than Plan F. The

only difference you will see in these two plans’ coverage is the Part B deductible

you will have to pay with Plan G.


Plan N comes in third for total coverage. If provides everything that Plan G does,

but you will also be required to pay for any Part B excess charges you accrue.

The best Medicare supplement insurance for you is something only you can

determine. You have to take a long look at your finances and your health, and

then use a quote generator like ours to compare rates. This free tool will help you

find the provider with the best rates for your area.