Best Medicare Supplement Plans

No matter what anyone has told you, there is no single Medicare supplement plan

that is the very best. The best Medicare supplement plans are determined by your

own unique conditions. You have to look at a number of factors to find out which

plan will work best for you.


Start with Your Situation


Each plan will provide you with different coverage for your medical bills. And each

one comes with differently-priced rates. As a plan provides more coverage the

costs for that plan’s premiums will increase.


But before you look at the plans and what kind of coverage they offer, you should

consider your health and financial situation. Talk to your doctor about what

kind of medical conditions you can expect to deal with the future. Look at the

medications and treatments you are taking now. And don’t forget to examine

your finances. If you cannot afford a coverage plan, then you might be able to find

a lower coverage plan that works just as well for you.


Not everyone needs full coverage, and many won’t even need any coverage

beyond what Medicare offers. We’ll take a look at some of the more popular

plans to see what they have to offer, and you can decide for yourself if they are

right for you.


Examining the Plans


The most commonly-used plans are F, G and N. These plans offer more coverage

than any other, but that also means they come with the highest costs.

Plan F is a full-coverage plan, which basically means that it will cover all the

expenses that Medicare doesn’t. Plans G and N offer slightly reduced coverage,

leaving you to pay a deductible (Plan G) or a deductible and excess charges

related to Medicare Part B (Plan N).


All of these provide plenty of coverage for most people. You’ll want Plan F if you

can afford the rates and if you have numerous medical expenses. With this plan,

you won’t need to worry about paying anything out of pocket. Plan G would be

appropriate for someone who can find the plan for cheaper than Plan F and can

still afford the deductible. In some cases Plan F is cheaper, so you will have to do

some comparing to find out which one will save you the most money.


A good way to do that is to use our free quote engine by entering your zip code below. It is simple and incredibly accurate, and it is one of the fastest methods for determining the best Medicare supplement plans.