Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019

For people who feel they are paying too much for their Supplement Medicare plans, Plan N may be a good alternative. It is cheaper than several other plans that offer nearly identical coverage. Below, we will look at what Medicare Supplement Plan N 2019 can provide for subscribers.

How Plan N Compares to Other Supplement Plans

Out of the available Medicare Supplement plans, Plan N offers some of the most comprehensive coverage. It pays for a large portion of your hospital stay for up to 365 days past what Medicare will cover. And it pays for hospice care as well.

Plan N can also take care of foreign medical expenditures such as travel and inpatient care. It further covers three additional pints of blood each year over what Medicare pays for.

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Plan N covers a few fees as well, such as all co-payments for Medicare parts A and B and the Part A deductible.

That may sound like pretty much everything, but there are a few items it won’t cover. These are a Part B deductible (which costs $183 in 2017) and Part B’s excess charges. The charges are covered by Plan G along with everything else that Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2019 cover. And Plan F covers all of that and the Part B deductible, making it a full coverage plan.

Is It a Better Deal Than Similar Plans?

While the coverage varies little between these three plans mentioned above, Plan N offers the lowest rates of the three. If you don’t need the coverage the other plans provide then you should definitely spring for Plan N’s lower rates. You can save a bunch of money each year by choosing a lower coverage plan, even though many people opt for Plan F’s total coverage.

Another great way to save some money is to shop around when you are looking at plans and service providers. You can pick and choose your insurance provider and pay the lowest rate possible for the plan you want without having to worry about your coverage. That’s because the coverage is determined by Medicare. The providers can set their rates for each plan, but they don’t get to modify the coverage.

To help you in finding the lowest price possible for the plan you want, we have created a free quote engine. It works by taking your zip code and finding all the best insurance providers near you. Then it calculates their rates for the plan you want based on the location you are at.

The same providers can vary their rates from location to location, so it’s a good idea to have accurate quotes that are specified to the region you are in. We keep our quote engine constantly updated with the latest rate changes, so you always know you are getting accurate information.

Comparing companies like this is the best way to ensure you are saving money on your Supplement insurance. While Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2019 can be a huge money saver over plans F and G, it will benefit you the most if you can find a competitive rate for it. Just use our free quote engine to get started.


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