Medicare Supplement Plans

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the Medicare supplement plans

out there. They each have different benefits and coverage options, and every

provider has a different price for them. But you don’t have to be intimidated by

the prospect of getting medical insurance. Instead, you can use this handy guide

to discover some of the plans that people use most commonly and find out which

one fits you the best.


Plans F, G and N


There are a number of different plans that supplement Medicare, but you likely

wouldn’t even want to bother with most of them. The majority of people opt for

one of three plans- F, G, or N. Each of these has different amounts of coverage, so

we will look at them all in turn.

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2015 Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans


Medicare Supplement Plan F– This is the full coverage plan. You can even think of the “F” as standing for

“full”, if it helps you remember it better. This plan covers absolutely everything

that traditional Medicare coverage doesn’t. If you are worried that when you

go to the hospital or buy medication that some of it won’t be covered by your

insurance, then you no longer have to if you have Plan F.


Medicare Supplement Plan G– This plan is ideal for people who can keep up with all the fees accrued

by medical expenses a little better than most. Plan G will cover all of your

medical expense not included in Medicare’s coverage, except for a single Part B

deductible. This deductible isn’t very much, and it often costs less to use this plan

than Plan F in the long run.


Medicare Supplement Plan N– As far as Medicare supplement plans go, Plan N is fairly robust. It will

cover skilled nursing care, foreign travel expenses and a host of other medical

costs. What it won’t cover is most of Medicare Part B, including the deductible

and excess costs. Part B includes certain medications, doctor visits, outpatient

services and assorted charges. You will have to determine for yourself if those are

expenses you anticipate encountering or if Plan N will cover what you need.


Who Qualifies and Why Do You Need Supplemental Coverage?


Medicare won’t cover all your medical expenses. That’s why these supplemental

plans are so valuable. They not only take some of the confusion out of medical

bills, but they also make them easier on your wallet. You will qualify for these

plans at the same time you qualify for Medicare, so you’ll probably want to look

into one of these at the same time you are reading up on Medicare.

Unlike Medicare, you have to pay for your supplemental plans. And unlike

Medicare, these are not provided by the US government. Instead, they are

offered by private insurance companies, just like any other kind of insurance.

We can help you make sense of all these plans and the kinds of rates you will pay

for them. Remember that each insurance provider charges their own rates for

the plans. They all provide the same coverage, but they are allowed to set their

own rates.


So you can use the quote generator at the top of this page to find out

instantly what rates you will pay. It’s fast and easy, and best of all it’s free.

Just enter your zip code above to find out rates for whatever Medicare

supplement plans you are interested in. This will give you the information you

need to compare rates from the top providers and make a reasonable choice

about which one to go with.


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