Medicare Supplements

Medicare may not provide enough coverage for everyone with medical expenses. As you grow older, your medical bills can increase, and while Medicare is helpful, it might still leave you with some expensive bills to pay every month. Thankfully, there are a number of Medicare Supplements that can help you make those payments and reduce your medical bills dramatically.

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A Look at the Plans

Each plan is named after a letter of the alphabet, and they all offer something different for subscribers. The one that will be best suited to you will depend on the kind of coverage you require. Each plan covers specific costs associated with medical expenses. Some will leave you deductibles to pay right out of your pocket, while others will cover every medical expense you could expect to accrue. Keep in mind that the more coverage a plan provides, the more it will cost you in premiums. Some of the plans can become quite expense, so you should look over the benefits each one offers carefully before choosing one.

At the high-coverage end of the spectrum are plans F, G and N. these offer the most coverage out of any plan, with Plan F being the only full coverage plan. These plans cover such expenses as long stays in the hospital, additional pints of blood, skilled care from nursing facilities, travel expenses for foreign care, and various deductibles and co-payments.

Plan G will ask you to pay the Medicare Part B deductible when it is due. This is a small fee, and it is actually a small price to pay for what is usually a much cheaper plan the Plan F. Plan N will have the same part B deductible to pay, with the added expense of paying any Medicare Part B excess charges. This makes Plan N even cheaper than the other two Medicare Supplements mentioned. Most people don’t have to worry about accruing Part B excess charges at all, so Plan N may be right for you if those costs are not a concern.

What Plan Is Right for You?

If you think you need a supplemental plan, then you should look at all your options. You will already be eligible for these plans if you are on Medicare. And you can start applying for any of them the moment your Medicare coverage begins. These plans are designed to help people who are already covered under Medicare but who have more bills stemming from health issues than Medicare can take care of.

Now you don’t need your insurance plan to cover every medical expense. It might just be better to pay for some of the less frequent expenses out of your own pocket rather than paying a higher monthly fee just to not have to worry about them. And if your budget is very tight, you might be better off with a low-coverage plan. Remember to take into account your health and what kind of coverage you will be needing. If you expect your health to stay the same, then you might be fine with plans A, B, C or D. These are ideal for people who have stable health conditions and who know what to expect from their medical bills.

You can change your plans at any time, but there are some expenses that you should be aware of. As you switch from plan to plan, your premiums could be rated anew. As your age and health changes, your premiums could go higher when you make a switch to a new plan. When you start out on a plan, you can lock in your premium though. The premiums you pay are often on one of several plans. Community-rated plans have their costs determined by what others on the same plan are paying. Attained age-rated plans increase in price every few years. Issue age-rated plans stay the same from the time you subscribe to them, but they start out higher than other plans.

Consider how long you will have the plan and what you can afford to pay before settling on a plan. And if you need help deciding on a provider to use, our free quote generator can help. We offer fast and free quotes for all Medicare Supplements from the providers near you.


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